NRM cautions members against ‘fake’ election roadmap

Not so fast; NRM warns members agains early release of electoral roadmap; File Photo

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party have been warned against a fake election roadmap being circulated on social media.

The Chairperson of NRM Electoral Commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi said the party leadership is yet to release an election rodmap for party primaries and disowned the document as not authentic.

Dr. Tanga says that the document circulating is a draft roadmap which was still under discussion, meant to confuse members of the NRM party. He also cautioned individuals behind the document saying their actions might spark war.

“Anybody who purports to do our work to confuse the masses is hereby warned; don’t tamper with elections. Elections are emotional, electoral issues can cause war” Dr. Tanga Odoi said.

“Nobody should tamper with party primaries or release information on primaries unless we have given you that mandate” He added.

Dr. Tanga Odoi stated that the NRM Electoral Commission will release the roadmap through a public press conference held at party headquarters.

The NRM last week announced postponement of release of a harmonized party election roadmap to Wednesday this week after the party leadership failed to agree on certain issues.

The party national chairman, HE President Museveni, also went on to summon the Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of the party on Wednesday this week, to “iron out the impending issues” related to the roadmap ahead of the party primaries.

The pending issues, sources indicate, include consensus on the method of lining up behind candidates, inadequate funding for primaries and the jostling for vacant positions at the NRM party secretariat.

The lining up method of voting has since become contentious with the leadership in a constitutional dilemma since it may not be appropriately executed within the prevailing health environment of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the party leadership indicated that CEC had approved a revised elections roadmap for the party which would be released this week pending more deliberations and proposals from members.



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