Adopting the new Normal: Making your Make-up Stand out behind that mask

Adopting to the new normal: Beauty behind the mask; Courtesy Photo

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

By now, I am sure we have all adjusted to the new reality, if you haven’t, then you better do because life seems like it is going to be this way for a while. Life after COVID will never be the same.

All fashionistas have already stocked up on those masks and in case you were worried about how to keep that face-beat while still abiding by the law, worry no more, Sabasaba spoke to a top make-up artist and she shared some helpful tips all centered around the eyes and the face as a whole.


Since all the other parts of your face will be covered up, your eyes and eye make-up are going to take center stage. So, if you can go all all out with this, then do so.

A hue of greens, pinks, or blue for the eye shadow will be perfect. You can take this up a notch higher by adding some colorful eye liner and finish off with a nice pair of eyelashes because this will make your pop.

Other tricks include using beauty contact lenses, some glitter eye shadow and liner.

Since having a mask on is going to leave your skin feeling very dry and uncomfortable, it is also the right time to prioritize your skin-care and give it more time than you have ever.

You need to set a good moisturizer beneath your foundation/ Powder. You will also need to make use of that primer and translucent powder to block out the oils and sweat.

It is advisable to invest in a good skin cleanser in order to clean any dirt getting trapped onto your skin by the mask.

Opt for matte foundations as apposed to the moisturizing formulas, as these will absorb any extra oils and not stain your mask, nor wipe off your foundation.

It is also advisable to use the matte lipsticks and should give sometime to dry before putting in your mask.

Hope all the Beauty queens on the move in this “all time mask-on-era” are sorted since you can look nice with both your make up and mask on.

Beauty tips courtesy of ONE STOP BEAUTY SHOP,Ntinda.




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