RDC Sakwa faces arrest over attack on Jinja DISO’s office, breaking office Equipment

Embattled Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa; Online Photo

Embattled Jinja RDC Eric Sakwa faces arrest and fresh charges after leading an attack on Jinja DISO’s office and breaking a computer.

On Tuesday, Sakwa reportedly led a group of youths to the DISO’s office demanding for keys for his office which were confiscated upon his interdiction last month.

The Deputy DISO for Jinja District, Mucomba John Eremiya, who was in office at the time says his explanation that the keys were in his boss’ custody, were ignored as about 50 angry youths ascended on office equipment.

The Jinja DISO, Hasunira Ahamed was reportedly in Kampala at the time of Sakwa’s invasion. Muchomba says a laptop computer was broken in the scuffle that ensued.

He said, the matter was reported at Jinja Central Police Station where Sakwa is expected to record a statement over malicious damage to government property.

Muchomba says Sakwa is desperate and he seems to have opted to take the law in his hands which is criminal.

In a video recording this website saw, Sakwa is seen setting off from an unknown location with a group of people claiming he wants his office keys because he can’t stay out of office yet court directed that he returns to work.

Efforts to reach Sakwa for a comment over the matter were futile as our calls remain unanswered.

From a video recording however, Sakwa claims that a huge workload has accumulated ever since he was forced out of office and it is time to get that work out of the way.


Eric Sakwa is facing charges of manslaughter following the death of one Charles Isanga who was allegedly beaten by LDU’s during an operation to enforce presidential directives on CPOVID-19 in Jinja.

In a May 4 letter copied to the minister for the Presidency, Head of public service, Secretary to cabinet and the DISO, Sakwa was directed to handover office to the DISO.

Through his lawyers Nyote, Alaka and Company Advocates, Sakwa ran to court challenging his interdiction saying it was unlawful since he was mistreated.

Sakwa also urged that the interdiction letter was written by the Secretary in the office of the presidency, Yunus Kakande and there was no proof that the appointing authority, president Museveni authorized the same.

On 20th May, the High Court in Jinja issued an interim order stopping the eviction of Eric Sakwa from office.
Court also ordered that he gets all his emoluments and other benefits unlike the interdiction order where he was to get half of his salary.

However, in a letter written on May 20th, President Museveni sent RDC Sakwa on a two months leave of office, pending investigations and conclusion of a matter which is currently before court.

Through his lawyers, Sakwa on 25th May wrote to the DISO asking to be granted access to his office despite the presidents directive.

The letter from his lawyers however does not address the issue of the president’s directive sending Sakwa on leave.



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