African envoys credit Burundi election as very peaceful

Envoys L-R; Tanzanian, Nigerian and Kenyan Ambassadors; Online Photo

African envoys on an observer mission in Burundi elections have described the process as “By the People, For the People”

In an interview a few hours before voting closed, envoys from Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria, hailed the election process as peaceful.

“We have witnessed a peaceful campaign period and today we are witnessing a very peaceful voting. The choice Burundians chose today, is what all Burundians should accept and we go on” Amb. Ken Vitisia of Kenya said.

The envoys said an official statement from observers will be issued to this effect but what they have seen so far confirms this is a historic moment for Burundi.

Burundians begun voting in a tense presidential vote, with the election commission calling for a peaceful vote despite simmering political violence and the coronavirus pandemic.

The voters on Thursday cast votes for parliamentarians and local Councillors, who in turn appoint the members of the Senate.

The election is set to usher in the first democratic transition in 58 years of independence for the East African nation following an announcement by President Pierre Nkurunziza, to step down after 15 years in power.



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