By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

The lockdown might have hit the music industry hard, but it may have also brought happiness and future talent to the country.

Last week was crowned with celebrations among Ugandan musicians as some of their fellows welcomed their bundles of joy.

Songbird, Juliana Kanyomozi announced the birth of her son Taj on Wednesday night which arose a lot of excitement from her fans as her fellow artists who went on to shower her with love on social media.

On Saturday afternoon, Weasle Manizo and his Rwandan Lover, Sandra Teta also welcomes their bouncing baby girl who they named Star Ria Mayanja.

Weasle is known for gathering kids with different babes and he always boasts of his fertility prowess. He is rumored that he has fathered over 10 kids with different babes.

As many thought it was all done, on Sunday evening, Artist Henry Tigan through his Facebook page announced the birth of his twins.

“Thanks for your prayers bamikwano it was not easy in the theater but finally God blessed me with twins Kati nze Salongo with Capital S.” Tigan’s post read.

Ssalongo Henry Tigan is known for songs like Abogezi, Emiranga ,Waddawa among others. Hopefully, the double blessing could be another pair of future talents born in Uganda.

With all these child births from artists, fans have gone ahead and urged other female artists who haven’t given birth yet to use this opportunity of Lockdown to conceive and at-least have themselves babies at the end of this pandemic.

Well from us here at SABASABA; We congratulate the parents and wish the new-born talents the very best.



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