It is normal to sue the Kabaka of Buganda -Katikkiro Mayiga

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga addressing the Lukiiko; Online Photo

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga has said suing the Kabaka of Buganda is legally correct and it shouldn’t upset anyone.

Mayiga said, the Kabaka of Buganda is the legal custodian of Buganda’s interests and therefore suing the Kabaka is not an offense.

Katikkiro Mayiga’s remarks were in the annual address to the Kingdom’s parliament known as Lukiiko, he delivered from his home in Lweza, Wakiso District. The Katikkiro highlighted the state of Buganda Kingdom; the achievements, challenges as well as future plans for the Kingdom.

“I want to assure the Kingdom that no one should be upset when you hear that the Kabaka of Buganda has been sued. It does not mean the Kabaka has been personally dragged to court; in law, the Kabaka of Buganda is the corporate soul representing the Kingdom. You should not be upset by that” He said.

Mayiga, a lawyer by profession said, the Kabaka of Buganda represents the interests of the Kingdom which are legally vested in the Kabaka the same way the queen of England does. He said under similar circumstances, it is normal for the queen of England to sued in courts of law.

Of recent, several individuals have filed law suits against the Kabaka of Buganda, a matter that caused aproar especially within Kings subjects.

Katikkiro Mayiga however noted that land evictions in Buganda continued to be a big challenge in the year 2019, and urged government to reign on land-grabbers who have constantly become a menace.

He said Buganda Kingdom has registered the Attorney General’s office as Buganda Royal Chambers; advocates’ chambers that will extend legal services to the King’s subjects as well as other entities that need legal services especially on land matters.

He praised Buganda Kingdom Attorney General Owek. Christopher Bwanika for spearheading the fight to protect the interest of the Kingdom through legal means especially land. He specifically hinted on individuals who want to steal land in Mawogola county belonging to Buganda Kingdom, and reported that a suit has been lodged in Sembabule court to salvage this land.

Mayiga also appealed to all Baganda clans whose land has not been registered, to engage the the AG’s office and appoint trustees as a means to protect clan land for future generations.

He noted that besides clan land, all land belonging to the Kingdom is registered under the Kabaka of Buganda including Bulange House and Masengere building, whose titles are registered in his names.



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