Busoga MPs vow to avenge Museveni’s “attack” on Kadaga -want peace talks

Hon. Rebecca Kadaga announced she will contest as independent in the race for speaker; Parliament Press Photo

MPs from Busoga sub-region have expressed displeasure over President Museveni’s statements in relation to the Shs. 10BN allocated to MPs, an act the president condemned as morally reprehensible.

MPs on the Busoga Parliamentary Caucus say the president’s statements were meant to undermine parliament as an institution and a direct attack against Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

In a press conference held in parliament on Monday, MPs said, by publicly bashing the speaker, President Museveni did not only attack Kadaga but the Basoga since she represents the interests of the region.

They say since the two principals had met and agreed on how the issue would be handled, it was an act of betrayal against Kadaga and a populist move by Cabinet to outshine the Legislature.

MPs including Bunya East Waira Kiwalabye Majegere, Henry Kibalya (Bugabula North), Waryomu Moses (Kagoma County), Robert Ntende (Bunya South), Bagole Ngobi (Luuka County), Panadol Mugema (Iganga Municipality), and Nelson Lufafa (Butembe County) demand that Museveni moves to harmonize relations with Kadaga before 2021, or face it rough with Basoga voters who they said are very unhappy.

“For the president to bash the speaker in public, is an expression of betrayal, intrigue and self-seeking. The president attacked Busoga as a region and when you attack the political icon of Busoga, we feel that was not good” Said Majegere.

The MPs said President Museveni’s statement is testimony of a “war” between Cabinet and Parliament and meant to demonized Kadaga whom they vowed not to let go down alone.

“We can’t just look on as the speaker is being belittled.”  John Bagoole Ngobi MP Luuka County North, said. He called on other MPs to “defend the independence of parliament” which he claims is under attack.

“He has to come and apologize to NRM MPs for belittling us and calling us purchasing officers and if he doesn’t do that, we are waiting for him in caucus and in our constituencies” Mugema Panadol -Iganga Municipality MP said.

As for the 20M they received, Busoga MPs said they don’t need the president to direct them on how to use it. They said they still hold the money in their bank accounts waiting for Kadaga’s final word on way forward claiming parliament as an institution has the final say on the funds allocated.



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