CORONAVIRUS: Kenyans found breaking curfew rules to be quarantined

Kenyan law enforcement officers enforcing curfew; Courtesy Photo

Chief Administrative Secretary for health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi on Sunday announced that the government had introduced a new measure to ensure compliance with the curfew hours in the fight against coronavirus.

Dr. Mwangangi said that Kenyans found outside their houses during curfew hours will now be assumed to have contacted suspected cases of coronavirus and hence placed under quarantine.

“Going forward, fellow Kenyans, all those who break the curfew rules will be assumed to have been in contact with suspected cases and hence will be quarantined for a period of 14 days,” she said.

“We have activated the Nyumba Kumi initiative and, further to this, we shall now utilize technology in tracking and surveillance of any members of the public who are congregating post curfew hours.” she said.

Dr. Mwangangi also warned liquor shop owners from turning their businesses into drinking dens following the closure of bars, reminding them that they are only licences for take away services. She said that those found drinking in such establishments will be arrested and the businesses shut down.

“We’ve seen cases where people are walking around not observing social distancing and feeling that the face mask is enough. Fellow Kenyans, the face mask only confers about 50% protection, so we still require you to observe the interventions we’ve put in place.” she noted.



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