COVID-19 UPDATE: Public transport banned for 14 days, Markets in Uganda restricted to foodstuffs

Public transport banned in Uganda; Online Photo

President Museveni has directed that effective tomorrow, no public vehicles will be allowed to operate in Uganda as a measure to control the spread of coronavirus in Uganda.

Museveni said an additional measure government have been taken to avoid uncertainties involved in the spread of coronavirus.

He said from other measures highlighted before, the remaining challenge in the fight to prevent spread of coronavirus is public transport. In this respect, he said all public transport operations are suspended for 14 days.

The ban means that all taxis, coasters, all buses, all passenger trains, all tuk-tuks and boda-bodas will suspend operations for 14 days as a measure to minimize movement of people. Private vehicles are however allowed to operate but limited to only 3 people.

In the latest measures, President Museveni also directed that markets should suspend operations in sale of non-food items, but only sell foodstuffs. He said markets concentrate huge numbers of people which puts lives at risk of coronavirus. He said the latest measure for markets was to keep reasonable distance from one another, but it seems not to be working.

In this respect, Museveni directed that markets should only sell foodstuffs, and trading in non-food items is suspended. He said this would reduce numbers, and maintain social distance.

The only vehicles allowed to operate during this period will be private vehicles, but they should not carry more than three people including the driver.

The Lorries delivering cargo, essential items and food however are exempted from this ban.

He said the boda-bodas can carry food and other essential items but not human beings.

Ambulances of the MOH, security vehicles and government vehicles, vehicles for sanitary services are exempted from this ban.

The other area of human concentration affected is government offices. Each ministry has been directed to work out a plan on essential staff members who should remain on duty and keep the departments running.

He urged Ugandans to co-operate in the fight against coronavirus and quoted Isaiah 26;20 in the Bible –Go home, my people, and lock your doors! Hide yourselves for a little while until the LORD’s anger has passed.(NLT)

“Please you people, what we are dealing with is not new, and it was handled by our great grand parents before us” Museveni said.  



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