Uganda confirms 8 new COVID-19 cases


The ministry of health has confirmed that there are 8 new cases of coronavirus in Uganda.

According to the Health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, all the eight cases are Ugandan nationals who traveled back from Dubai, 2 on the 28th March 2020 and 6 on the 22nd of March, 2020 aboard the Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines flights.

The new development brings the total of coronavirus cases confirmed in Uganda to 9.

Dubai was initially not among the high risk countries but the minister said it is intriguing to find out that all the cases confirmed in Uganda were from Dubai.

Acheng says the new cases came up after 35 samples were tested today. 6 of them were intercepted at the airport with high fever, while 2 were got from the quarantine center with fever..

Dr. Aceng appealed to all people who have traveled from to Dubai in the last two weeks to call the ministry to get checked for coronavirus.

The minister says her team has retrieved identities of all people who recently traveled from Dubai, and appealed to them to call the desk at the ministry for help.

The public has been advised to stay calm but vigilant amidst the coronavirus threat.



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