CODIV19 Scare; Rwanda installs hand-washing facilities at bus station

Passengers washing hands at Kigali Bus Park before boarding buses; Online Photo

Rwanda authorities have installed hand-washing facilities at a bus station in the capital, Kigali, as a preventive measure against the deadly coronavirus.

A pro-government newspaper The New Times reported on Tuesday that the country had stepped up vigilance as the virus sweeps across the continent.

“To prevent the risk of Coronavirus outbreak, passengers at the Kigali Bus Park have to wash their hands before getting onto buses,” The paper reported.

Rwanda is among African countries that have not recorded a case of the epidemic since its outbreak three months ago.

Egypt, where the first coronavirus case was first reported in Africa has recorded 59 cases, Algeria (20 cases), South Africa (7 cases), Tunisia (5 cases) and Senegal (4 cases).



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