Pope Francis Apologizes after Slapping away a Woman’s hand


Pope Francis today apologized for the flash of anger that he exhibited while greeting the faithful around the Vatican’s giant Nativity scene after a New Year’s Eve liturgy on Tuesday evening

In an incident captured on video and spread across the internet, Pope Francis was reaching out to the crowd and seeking the hands of children.

As he turned away, a woman in the crowd grabs his right hand with both of her hands and yanks the 83-year-old pope back, causing him to momentarily lose his balance. The Pontiff did so to free himself from a woman’s grip.

Francis, visibly upset, slaps twice at the woman’s hands to free himself, rebuking her, and then angrily turns away.

Today, the pontiff offered an apology saying he too lost patience.

“Many times we lose our patience, I do, too, and I’m sorry for yesterday’s bad example.” he remarked.



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