SHOCKING; More people visited Pornography sites in 2019

High Angle View Of Man Watching Adult Movie On Digital Tablet

According to a 2019 review report by Pornhub a mega-giant Canadian porn company, showed that the number of people visiting their sites doubled what it was last year.

The report released for the year ending 2019 showed that the visits to their sites received a total of 8.5 billion, compared to about 3.4 billion visits in 2018.

Site analytics showed that their site Pornhub registered over 23 million more visits every day in 2019 more than in 2018, which is a considerable uptick that’s double from last year.

Pornhub, one of the leading pornography sites received more than 42 Billion site visits in 2019 -nearly 6 visits for every person of the 8.5 Billion people living on Earth, which is 8.5 billion more visits total than last year. 

The 2019 analytics report showed that USA leads the pack (by traffic) in watching pornography from their sites, followed by Japan, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Brazil. However, no African country was ranked by the report in the top 20.

Since 2013, the company releases a “year in review” on its SFW blog that shares detailed analytics from the site, containing information like favorite Porn Star, Most Popular Search Terms, and average Time spent per visit.

Deeper analysis showed that every sixty seconds, nearly 220,000 views were added to pornographic videos on their sites. That equates to 13,199,100 video views an hour, and over 316,778,400 videos a day according to the report.

YouPorn, a sister site to PornHub received 5 Billion site visits in 2019 according to the report.



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