NRM tightening the noose on independents

President Museveni on a campaign trail in 2016; File

The ruling party in Uganda, The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is set to tighten the noose on candidates who run as independents after failing in the party primaries in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

According to the NRM Chairperson Eastern Region Capt. Mike Mukula, the party is set to revisit the law relating to internal elections to tighten the noose on candidates who intend to run as independents after losing party primaries.

Mukula says the issue will be top on the agenda during the Party’s coming National Executive committee meeting in January 2020.

He says, the measures undertaken by the party are meant to galvanize multipartysim as a system of government in Uganda. The party is preventing a situation where after losing party primaries, contenders jump out of the party and contest as independents in many cases even defeating party flag bearers.

If the plan by NRM materializes, it will give political party more control on the selection process of election at various levels, but also ensure elected members especially in parliament tow the party line.



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