Zaake almost hit me; Nawangwe testifies before Parliament

Makerere University Vice Chacellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe; File Photo.

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has told the disciplinary committee of parliament, that Hon. Francis Zaake almost hit him with a blow, but he was saved by MPs.

Prof. Nawangwe was testifying against Mityana Municipality Hon. Zaake during a probe into alleged misconduct following Zaake’s violent behaviour against Prof. Nawangwe in Parliament last month.

Nawangwe said that whereas he has attended Parliament committees for more than ten times before, he had never experienced such a rough treatment he was given on that day.

“This was out of the ordinary, …my colleagues were utterly shocked, and i had never seen anything like this.” Nawangwe said.

He said all through the committee proceedings, Zaake insulted him, and when the session ended, Zaake attacked him hurling insults in his face, and it was MPs who saved him from being hit by Zaake.

“I saw him run to me, throwing insults right in my face.. He almost hit me. MPs shouted ‘Zaake stop’ and the blow stopped in mid air” Nawangwe said.

He said the pictures are there to confirm his assertions because the press captured every moment on camera.

Nawangwe said that whereas he has attended Parliament committees where engagements become hot, he has always been handled with respect and with protection. He noted that during committee proceedings, Zaake went personal and kept reputing that as long as he is the VC, strikes will continue to happen at Makerere University.

“It was so strange to hear that as long as i am the Vice Chancellor, Zaake will ensure the strikes continue at Makerere”

Nawangwe said the treatment he was subjected to on that day left him traumatized, and he now fears appearing before any committee of Parliament.

Hon. Zaake will tomorrow appear before the Rules, privileges and Discipline to defend himself on allegations of misconduct, acting against the decorum of Parliament, and putting the image of parliament in disrepute.



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