Besigye’s People’s Government to ‘join’ Museveni in the Walk against corruption

To join the walk; Dr. Kiiza Besigye of the People's Government

As President Museveni prepares to lead government officials in Uganda on a mass procession against corruption, the opposition ‘Peoples government’ has also announced similar events on the same day.

According to the spokesperson of the Katonga Road based opposition pressure group Hon. Bakireke Nambooze, Peoples Government will also march in ‘defiance of corruption and impunity,” on the same day.

In a statement released on Friday, Nambooze says the People’s president Dr. Kiiza Besigye will on that day lead his cabinet and members of the National people’s Assembly, in an anti corruption march from Plot 6 Katonga Road, to the Constitutional Square.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is expected to lead government officials in a march from Constitutional Square in the city centre to Kololo independence grounds on Wednesday 4th December. The event according to the organizers will be held in the global recognition of the Anti Corruption Week.

Last week, government announced that President Museveni will lead high profile officials including the Chief Justice and the Speaker of Parliament, on a march of about four Kilometers, to demonstrate government’s commitment to support the fight against corruption.

Contrary to government-led activities, the activities of ‘people’s government’ will be carried out in all districts of Uganda, coordinated by district commissioners and representatives at Sub county level. However, Nambooze says the Peoples government led activities will be joined by anti-corruption agencies and leaders of ‘democratic seeking formations.’

Comprised of FDC diehards and other opposition members who supported Dr. Kiiza Besigye in 2016 presidential elections, the activities of the people’s government are considered illegitimate, and always attract tough response from security agencies.

According to the Deputy Spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan Police Lucas Owoyesigire, Police is not aware of People’s Governments’ planned activities.

The march according to the people’s government is a golden opportunity for Ugandans who suffer the brunt of corruption to be seen and heard.



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