I am 75 but still energetic -President Museveni reveals secrets to his healthy lifestyle

President Museveni speaking at the CSS meeting in Munyonyo on Tuesday

President Museveni has opened up on his secrets to a healthy lifestyle attributing his longer life and health to his good feeding habits.

President Museveni said his good feeding habits especially the selection of the food he eats has helped him stay energetic despite his age.

The president made the remarks at the opening of FAO-CHINA South-South Cooperation meeting on food security in Munyonyo, Kampala on Tuesday.

“I am 75 years old, but I don’t have blood pressure, I don’t have diabetes…I have good genes, but I also eat our indigenous foods like bananas, cassava, and millet. I don’t eat bread because I was told it contains gluten which is not good for the body” Museveni said.

President Museveni said Uganda’s geographical location favors crop growing owing to its position on the globe. He noted that Uganda’s ancient culture of agriculture with a society that has a variety of indigenous and high nutritious crops like bananas, cassava and millet, also gives Uganda’s agricultural products a competitive edge.

With mild temperatures all the year, rains twice a year, a vast acreage of arable land, and plenty of fresh waters, Uganda has an advantage to produce agricultural products that can compete on global market – The President noted.

President Museveni said Uganda and China can easily cooperate in Agriculture owing to favorable climate and cultural attributes Uganda has. He said Uganda is the right place for agriculture because crops grow easily in Uganda than in other places in the world.

He however highlighted the need to add value to agricultural products from Uganda, as well as providing access to market for the products.

He however pointed out the need to add value to agricultural products, and provide market access to farmers which he said the partnership between China and Uganda provide. Museveni said he is grateful to the Chinese government for introducing rice to Uganda after independence, and supporting liberation struggles for African countries.



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