Buzz Teenz Awards (BTA) back this December

Last year BUZZ TEENIEZ Award winner; File

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

For the Past 14 years, artistes, fans and the media have always looked forward to the BUZZ TEENIEZ AWARDS (BTA’s) in May. However, the annual event didn’t happen this year.

According to Buzz events the awards organizers, the event has been scheduled to happen in December, claiming they need to maintain their relevance and stay true to the voice of the teens. They later noted that the decision was reached after careful considerations to adopt an awarding system based on a calendar year.

They also said the changes will allow flexibility for participation from the teens over the calendar year ( January-December), as well as giving them a chance to celebrate the years’ achievements with their mentors and influencers at a better suited time.

With the changes, the team launched its first ever ‘BUZZ DREAM FAIR’ at UMA Show Grounds in Lugogo on May 11th, an event that aimed to not only entertain, but to inspire the teens and bridge the gap between reality and their goals. Teens had the opportunity to interact, experience and exhibit trends in fashion, art, music, technology, and featured the first teens silent disco.

On Friday evening, through their social media platforms, the organizers Buzz Magazine and Buzz Events posted a banner indicating the day, time, venue, fee and sponsor of the ceremony.

The awards will happen on Saturday 7th December, and this time round the venue has changed from the usual Lugogo UMA grounds to the MTN Warehouse. The sponsors have also changed to MTN, and the entrance fee had been doubled from 5k to 10k. This years theme is dubbed the ‘LEAVERS ROCK EDITION’, from their initial party that always happened in December at Garden City rooftop.



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