Rema regrets Dropping out of School, Heaps praise on her Manager

Artiste Rema Namakula speaking at Kayemba's graduation ceremony

By Pato Patrick’s Sentongo

As many people flocked Entebbe International Airport to welcome Artiste Eddy Kenzo back home from the United States where he won a prestigious award, Kenzo’s ex wife and the self-proclaimed “Doctors Wife” Rema Namakula was busy attending the graduation ceremony of her longtime manager Ssalongo Solomon Kayemba.

In her speech during the event, Rema confirmed that she may not be a complete and happy woman when she regretted having dropped out of school for a music career.

“a few years back, Kayemba advised me to go back to school, but l did not think about it then. Now l would be here graduating with him. I surely want to to return to school but I am not sure if l can still sit in a a class anymore” Rema said.

Kayemba recently graduated in Business administration from Ndejje University.

Rema praised her manager Kayemba for being honest, lovely and “being there for her.”

Singer Rema with her manager Solomon Kayemba

“Of the people i have met, he is honest; even when things are hard for me, Kayemba makes it simpler… I love you so so much i don’t know what i can give you” Rema said.

Having achieved most of her hearts desires; fame, a successful music career and the latest being finding her dream man, singer Rema Namakula might soon hit lecture rooms, or live to regret the decision of dropping out of school at a tender age.




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