Police rolls out a reviewed Security plan to combat Crime

Deputy IGP Maj Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi and Commander of land forces Lt. Gen. Peter Elweru at Police Hqs Nagulu

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has announced a reviewed security plan to tackle the current wave of violent crime, especially in the Kampala Metropolitan (KM) Policing area.

The revised security plan was on Thursday announced by Deputy IGP Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi on behalf of IGP Martin Okoth Ochola who is currently abroad on a tour of duty, and the security plan will be jointly undertaken by UPF and UPDF.

The new development follows President Museveni’s directive to Deputy IGP Sabiiti Muzeeyi to develop a revised plan to combat criminal gangs that have been attacking people with pangas and steel bars, and robbing them.

Sabiiti said the KMP area has encountered a new wave of violent crime, which compelled police to review their plan in order to enhance a better, and effective way in decisively handling the prevalent crime.

According to the reviewed security plan, the KMP area is going to be divided into policing zones or security constituencies for each station or post, with attendant published call lines, reaction forces and linkage to all stations and posts as well as cameras, when there is a distress call.

The revised approach is premised on five measures: linkage with and effective communication with the public, quick and effective response by security agents, effective investigations and prosecution of culprits, profiling and pursuit of known repeat offenders, and ensuring more visibility of security in non-residential areas.

Kampala Metropolitan Area covers Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, and Entebbe. The detailed plan shall be given to the Joint security apparatus for implementation. According to Sabiiti, the multi-dimensional security plan will be implemented first in KMP and then be rolled out to other parts of the country facing related security challenges.

The new measures also include installation of suggestion boxes at all LC1 offices and use of social media to report crime, and provide useful information to police. Whats-up number 0707144144 is one of them.

The new security plan however acknowledges that the public can also play a critical role here and therefore the public must be mobilized to be extremely vigilant and security conscious.

Registration and marking of streets and residences to enhance quick response, lighting of streets and or individual premises or residences where affordable is also encouraged in the new security plan.



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