“Why wait to shower me with love when I am Dead?” Eddy Kenzo blasts haters

Artiste Edirisah Mussuza aka Eddy Kenzo

By Pato Patricks’ Sentongo

BET award winner and singer of the stamina fame Eddy Kenzo has blasted his fans and haters for siding with his tormentor at a time when he is fighting for his rights. Kenzo says his fans are looking on as he is being insulted and humiliated.

This follows a protracted battle going on between the singer and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata after the outspoken Islamic religious leader made provocative statements mocking Eddy Kenzo during Rema Namakula’s ‘Kukyaala’ ceremony on independence day.

On Tuesday, Kenzo took to his Facebook page and made his frustration clear asking why Muzaata is being pampered while his rights are being violated. He even mocked his fans for not rising to his defense while he is still alive.

“if you have failed to love me when am alive, will you love me when am dead” his Luganda post partly read.

Kenzo’s latest post on Facebook

Sheikh Muzaata verbally attacked Eddy Kenzo and the thousands of his fans on social media when he was referred to the stamina singer as a “love Nigga” who doesn’t want to marry. Muzaata went ahead and told Eddy Kenzo to go and marry his dead mother. He again referred to him as a homosexual with pierced ears, who walks and acts like gays.

The statements angered Kenzo who said he is so embarrassed to the extent that he will never perform on a music stage unless Muzaata apologizes for the insults made against him.

Since then, a battle ensued between Kenzo and Muzaata with the singer on the defensive, while the cleric has refused to apologize.

Kenzo’s latest post came as a follow up to what he posted on Sunday night saying that as soon as he comes back from Columbia where he’s holding music shows, he will make sure he faces Muzaata for a possible showdown. We will keep you posted on this developing battle between these two.

Kenzo’s Sunday post


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