Bobi’s House Surrounded by Police, Pop Star Dares Museveni to a Music Challenge

Police barricade along access road

Police have installed barricades sealing all roads that provide access to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s home in Magere, Wakiso District. Heavy deployment of police and military personnel is also visible around Kyagulanyis home.

Reports indicate that at about 10:00pm Tuesday night, Police surrounded Kyagulanyi’s home in Magere, in Wakiso District in a move meant to block him from leaving his home. Access to his One Love Beach in Busabala has also been blocked with several barricades along access roads.

Reliable sources however indicate that Bobi Wine is not in his home currently surrounded by police.

Attempts to reach the KMP Spokesperson Patrick Onyango for a comment on the motive behind the deployment were futile as our phone calls remain unanswered, and we are informed he is the only officer allowed to speak about it.

Police on Tuesday cancelled Kyagulanyi’s planned Independence music concert that was slated to take place at One Love Beach, Busabala citing inadequate manpower since police officers will be at national independence celebrations in Sironko and other authorized venues.

Bobi Wine had organized an independence music concert dubbed “Osobola.”

The musician turned politician took to social media to vent his frustration and described the move by the police as cowardice, and hypocrisy questioning the rationale in the reason given by police for cancelling his concert.

He blamed his fate on government that cannot tolerate musicians with messages that criticize the establishment, and challenged President Museveni to a fair music competition if it is competition that he is seeking for. He also claimed President Museveni recently went ahead and registered as a musician in a “futile attempt” to counter his (Bobi’s) popularity.

“If he wants to compete with us musically, it should be fair play. Let the population decide what they want to listen too” Bobi said.    



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