SHOCKING; NRM supporter Brutally attacked, 6-inch Iron Nails driven through his hands


Police in Wandegeya is investigating an incident where an NRM supporter was brutally attacked, by unknown men and 6-Inch iron nails driven through his hands.

On 28th Aug, 2019, a 21 year old man identified as Kasumba Baker, resident of AVIS Kivulu in Kawempe Division was intercepted by two men at Kalerwe and hit on the head by a brunt object before 6-Inch iron nails were driven through both palms of his hands.

Kasumba was saved by two ladies who yelled at the assailants after they suspected the men to be kidnapping a child. The two men ran away as women raised an alarm.

Kasumba was rushed to Mulago Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. It has been reported that he is out of danger.

Kasumba says that he had been confronted by a man at his workplace at JESCO Ham Shopping Center on Sunday, and cautioned to stop supporting NRM and President Museveni which raises suspicion that he is a victim of political persecution.

Kasumba’s assailants pinned a yellow beret bearing the portrait of President Museveni in the iron nails before driving them through his palms.

Yellow berets are associated with supporters of the ruling party NRM.

Police spokesperson Onyango Patrick condemned the attack as political violence saying Uganda is a free country where everyone is allowed to freely express his or her political affiliation.



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