More MPs Pin Gen. Tumwine on Misconduct


More Legislators today appeared before the Rules Committee of Parliament to pin the Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwine on alleged misconduct and disrespect of Parliamentary decorum.

The Rules Committee is investigating allegations of misconduct, threatening with violence, and contempt of the house leveled against Gen. Elly Tumwine an Army General who is also a UPDF representative in Parliament.

During an interaction with the committee today, Dokolo Woman MP Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, also castigated the conduct of Gen. Tumwine as disrespectful, and a threat to both her life and that of her family members.

Cecilia Ogwal said that Gen. Tumwine recently attacked her and almost assaulted her in the precincts of parliament which confirms his bad character.

She claimed that this is the second time Gen. Tumwine is attacking her and after that confrontation her health and her life together with that of her family members are under threat.

“The way I feel threatened by one of the top military leaders in this country, I am not in danger alone; my family members are also threatened… And as I said it on the floor of parliament, if anything happens to me either direct shooting, through an accident, or poisoning, I know Gen. Tumwine is involved. I don’t know why he would attack me twice” said Hon. Cecilia Ogwal.

Earlier on, Hon. Atikns Katusabe also testified before the committee that he was mistreated by Gen. Tumwine during a meeting he had sought with the minister over business wrangles that were happening in his constituency.

Katusabe claims that Gen. Tumwine suddenly flew into rage and made outrageous statements that reflected contempt of the institution of parliament and the speaker.

Hon. Lily Adong and Hon. Lucy Akello also testified of Gen. Tumwine’s errant conduct they witnessed during his recent confrontation with Cecilia Ogwal at parliament.

The Committee is now dealing with both contempt cases against Gen Tumwine. Last week, Gen Tumwine held a news conference in Mbarara, where he called MP Ogwal a liar, and said Parliament condemned him unheard. He, however, promised to appear before the Committee to defend himself against the claims.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga instructed the Committee to deal with the matter in two weeks.



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